jamesluv (jamesluv) wrote in simon_le_bon,

Simon Le Bon looking like Elvis

I think he looks like Elvis with dark hair.
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good. so I'm not alone on that one then :D lol
Yes,true!But I love him wuth dark hair!
He looks good either way, I think! BTW, I love how he looks in that Save A Prayer video!
I would like to ask you aren't your pic on callingplanetearth site?
By the way I love Save A Prayer vid,especially the beginning and when Simon holds that kid...so sweet=)
I'm not on the callingplanetearth site. In fact, I didn't know about this site. I'll have to check it out! I do like seeing cute guys interacting with kids!

"And you wanted to dance so I asked you to dance..." I wouldn't mind dancing with Simon!

My avatar is of my main man, James Spader! Who is also a sweetie! He is a daddy, and spends lots of time with his kids. Love guys who do that!

I'd love to dance with Simon too,beyond the sea..it would be so romntic.