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Simon's wife is so beautiful, isn't she?! I love all those photoshoots of Simon, Yasmin and their kids that I've seen on other sights. They certainly are photogenic!

Anyone here ever tried playing an instrument? If I ever had to play an instrument, it'd be the drums. I've tried piano (which is hard) and guitar. I just don't have the patience for instruments. Singing I have patience for because it doesn't feel like a chore. I stick to what I'm good at.

When I was a teen, I'd be in the record stores in the mall, watching the newest videos, and/or singing in my bedroom for hours on end. I'd record myself to see if I sounded like anyone. I used to get so excited when I came home from the library with new 45's!I played the "Pretty in Pink" soundtrack non-stop. We'd put the speakers in the windows and pretend we had our own radio station. The latest Madonna album was always a cause for celebration. And at 10:00 p.m. Mon. - Fri., without fail, my sister and I'd have our Walkmans on glued to Casey Kasem's Top 10 countdown! Oh the excitement of it all!

I had a crush on Simon, but I had to keep it secret because I wanted people to think I was totally devoted to George Michael.
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