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Katy on Simon

As some of you may not (or you may) know, Katy Krassner has informational page on regarding the upcoming book by Duran Duran and Katy. She posted a blog yesterday regarding Simon and his personality, which I found very refreshing. Especially with a lot of negative things that are said about any of the band members.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Kicking off 2007
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OK, so it seems like ya'll like the blogs

So I will keep doing them

A popular question that people ask of me is what the band are REALLY like….and while I am probably not the most objective person to ask, I do think I have a decent perspective. I am, after all, their longest standing employee (Dave C started one month after me)….

So I will start with the singer. Cause he's the easiest for me to do.

First of all, he is WAY smarter than he lets on, and I am certain he does this on purpose. He doesn't forget a thing you tell him, even if you told him ten years before. He will reference it back to you in some form, some way, some how, and totally knock you for a loop. "You remembered that?!" I say. He never answers, he just looks smug. I am never sure if telling him a secret is a good idea.

He is – contrary to what seems to be popular belief – one of the most considerate people I have ever met. He always looks people in the eye when speaking to them – a trait I admire and am often surprised is not universal.

What else can I tell you about him that wouldn't embarrass him or me? He likes to tease me. He makes fun of the way I speak. Often. He tries to teach me something new whenever I am with him. Sometimes, months later, he will tell me that what he told me that day was completely made up. I want to get mad at him for doing that, but I never do. He is my lunch buddy and whenever we are together we almost always have lunch together. We are dessert buddies too and he always divides whatever we share right down the middle. He is fair that way.

My opinion matters to him.

Sometimes, I read things fans write about him and it makes me sad. He is probably one of the most genuine people I know.

I have different types of relationships with each of them. Simon is the brother I always wished I had.

January 3, 2007

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